Apply to become a stall holder at the On the Border Community Market

    *Please note: we are being inundated with applications selling candles and jewellery, unfortunately we can no longer accept applications for these items at this time.
    You may still apply, however will instantly be placed on a waitlist.
    Other items still being considered.
    Thankyou for your understanding.

    *If you selected YES, please attach a copy of your certificate of currency below (If selling food you must have your own insurance),
    **If no certificate is submitted with your application upon selecting YES, your application will be INCOMPLETE and NOT ACCEPTED until we receive this document OR you may be charged the insurance fee.
    ***If you selected NO, you will be added on to our Public Liability Insurance for an additional $ 15 per market

    If selling food (anything digestible, no matter how big or small) you must also be registered with Vic Streat Trader. This is easy and free to do at
    *All successful applicants will be lodged to Wodonga Council for Streat Trader screening. A statement of trade will also be required.

    *Whilst we try our best to fulfil your requests, sometimes we cannot always accommodate, pending on the type of request, mapping etc
    **Any special requests asked for after application has been submitted may be difficult for organisers to fulfil.

    *Please note: These dates are subject to change or be cancelled based on current COVID-19 restrictions and health regulations at the time of the date as well as weather. All stall holders attending will be notified of any changes. Unfortunately NO REFUNDS will be given.

    **Whilst we will try our best to get you into as many of the dates you have selected, we cannot guarantee that we can get you into all that you have selected as we like to keep a variety of stalls for customers and to try to be fair to all.

    *** We are an outdoor summer run market where we have extremely sunny and warm weather conditions and occasionally wet weather, please keep this in mind when applying for particular market dates as Market Organisers take no responsibility for loss and damages to products. No Refunds or credits given if you decide to cancel.

    This is an application to apply for the market NOT a booking form. Once received, market organisers will go over your application to make sure it fits the criteria of the market. If successful, you will receive an invoice via email. Some emails may be sent to your junk emails so please check all sources or contact us. Whilst we would love to have everyone who applies join us at market, we do like to keep a good variety of stalls for the customers, so unfortunately cannot accept everyone who applies and sometimes cannot guarantee you a spot to every date selected on your application based on how many we can fit per market date, however we will try our very best to accommodate requests and dates selected to the best of our ability. If we do not make contact with you via email/phone call, unfortunately your application was unsuccessful, but do not worry, we will automatically place you on our wait list in case of any cancellations on the dates you select, so you may still be contacted up until the day before the market.
    The site fee/s will be due no later than the due date provided on the invoice you receive if you are a successful applicant. Should a reminder notice need to be sent out an additional $15 late fee will apply. Failure to pay by the given due date without communication or after reminder notice has been sent, will immediately result in your spot being forfeited and being passed on to someone else. ONLY ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED IS YOUR SPOT AT THE MARKET CONFIRMED, without payment you do not have a spot.
    Unfortunately NO REFUNDS will be given due to you cancelling for any reason. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to the organisers as prior to the day as possible of the market as a courtesy to be able to offer the spot to a wait listee. No show stall holders (no notification of non attendance and non payers after receiving invoice) risk the possibility of hindering attending future market dates.
    Please keep in mind we are an outdoor, summer run market. Therefore do operate during hot/wet weather, Rain, Hail or Shine! If your items are perishable in the sun/heat or light rain/wind we recommend the use of a gazebo or choosing select dates so as to avoid disappointment of forfeiting your site and fee. Market Organisers do not hold responsibility for the loss and damage of your products in the sun/rain.
    Because this is an outdoor run market, all stalls are booked at applicants OWN RISK, however if weather is unsafe for either customer or stall holder, as judged by the market organisers (eg: electrical storm, heavy rain all day etc..) we will endeavour to contact you as soon as we make a decision via our VIP Facebook page, email or/and text message. In the event of a market cancellation due to weather as judged by the market organisers, unfortunately NO REFUNDS will be issued.
    Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but as mentioned above you book at your OWN RISK, unfortunately the weather is the one down side to outdoor markets. We will do our best to postpone rather than cancel in the event of extreme weather, in which case your stall fee carries over to the new date, however NO REFUNDS or credits to subsequent market dates.
    Gazebo’s, umbrella’s, shelters and trestle tables are to be provided by stall holders. All gazebos must be weighted down for safety purposes, NO EXCEPTIONS. Limited power sites are available on request of application.
    In the event an insurance claim needs to be made within your site area, if you do not hold your own and you have paid to be on the markets insurance, You are liable to pay all excess costs relating to any claim made.

    I understand the Terms and Conditions
    By clicking the above box you signal you accept the T&Cs outlined in the above text.